Colorado real estate agents aren’t the only ones who stand a lot to gain by selling houses at auction. Private sellers, asset managers, lenders and attorneys who would rather avoid listing on the market will all benefit as well.

When you sell a house at auction, you exercise total control over the date and terms of the sale. You don’t have to make any improvements to the property before listing it. You don’t have to participate in lengthy negotiations. You don’t have to entertain tire kickers, because only serious buyers show up to auctions. And they certainly do show up in force. Aggressive auction marketing campaigns attract serious interest among qualified buyers, and their competitive bidding only has the effect of driving a property’s closing price upward.

But you aren’t guaranteed all of the benefits of selling your house at auction if you go about the process haphazardly. Expert real estate agents in Denver would offer you a few tricks and tips if you want to maximize the amount of money you make from a sale!

Choose an Auction House That Specializes in Your Market

A local auction house is full of professionals who have already established an expansive network of qualified buyers. They will broadcast the deal to their trusted and serious buyers ahead of the auction date. In many cases, a local auction house can even produce a buyer without having to auction the property at all.

Set an Appropriate Reserve Price

A reserve price is the minimum amount a buyer will accept as the winning bid. If your reserve price is too high, it will chase off competent buyers who know their area well. If it is too low, something even worse can happen: You will make less money than you could have.

A good auction house will help you avoid either of these outcomes by carefully comparing your house to other similar properties that have recently sold in the area. It will also keep the reserve price you agree upon confidential, which will prevent groups that specialize in buying property for below market value from conspiring against your best interests.


Advertising is essential to auctioning a house. Without it fewer buyers will be present on auction day, which reduces the likelihood of a bidding war. Word of mouth and networking aren’t enough on their own to guarantee a massive turnout. That’s why an earnest auction house will utilize print ads, online ads, social media, signage, outreach to local buyer’s agents, and their own website to promote their clients’ upcoming auctions. Each is an invaluable tool for making certain the deal reaches the widest audience possible.

Make Your Property Look Its Best

You are perfectly welcome to auction your house in as-is condition. For many sellers that is the only practical approach. That said, just as with a conventional listing, making a few prudent updates to a house before auction can significantly improve the amount it sells for.

Even a small landscaping touches can appreciably improve a house’s curb appeal. Planting flowers, pruning trees and mowing the lawn takes only a few hours of work – but those chores can yield a real return on investment. Likewise, small handyman-scale home improvements such as painting the front door, replacing broken light fixtures, washing windows, tightening faucets and door handles, and repairing loose tiles can all motivate buyers to bid more at auction.

Note that buyers reflexively assign greater value to houses that don’t have personal touches. That means repainting boldly colored walls in neutral grays and beiges, removing family photos and unusual artwork, and rearranging furniture so it conforms to a more conventional layout.

If you’re auctioning a property in the greater Denver, CO area, then our biggest tip is to contact Colorado Premier Realty & Auction Services today! In addition to nontaxable property sales in Denver, we specialize in partnering with sellers who want to realize the highest winning bids with the littlest possible effort. We’re standing by to show you all the advantages of selling at auction!