Colorado Premier Realty proudly works with every kind of client whose business we have the honor of earning. Just like we’ll sell to anyone who’s buying personal or real property, we’ll also sell on the behalf of anyone who simply needs to sell. That includes people who have inherited family members’ estates, as well as those who must quickly and painlessly liquidate some or all of their assets for any reason. It also includes many professionals who need a partner they can trust to deliver the best service to their own clients!

Real Estate Agents

Colorado real estate agents often engage Colorado Premier Realty when they want their clients’ listings to reach the widest possible market. Real estate agents in Denver frequently count on our team to sell their clients’ properties at auction – quickly, but also for a price that is commensurate to what could have been expected had the property listed conventionally. We double down by selling homes and commercial properties through conventional listings. We are the only company in our area that does both!

Asset Managers

Overseeing the entirety of an individual’s assets is no simple task. To do their job effectively, an asset manager often needs to partner with specialized businesses that can handle their client’s day-to-day needs. Some asset managers require Colorado Premier Realty’s assistance in liquidating part of their client’s estate so as to avert bankruptcy. Some are representing a client who has recently passed away, and require fast and painless liquidation of their entire estate for disbursement to heirs.


Banks often wind up taking possession of properties after their previous owners defaulted on their mortgages. Most of the time bankers opt to sell foreclosed properties at auction, as doing so ensures the property will reach a massive audience of qualified buyers, including flippers. Banks also prefer the auction route because it assures the property will be sold quickly and at true market value. Because auctions generate real competition between buyers, closing prices for auctioned properties often exceed those of negotiated sales!


A mortgage lender is placed in a difficult position when their borrower defaults on a loan. They take possession of a property that they aren’t interested in paying to upkeep. They also need to minimize their losses by recouping foreclosure costs and the balance that is still due on the mortgage. That’s why they partner with Colorado Premier Realty so often: They appreciate a service that recoups their losses without drawing out the selling process one day longer than it must go on for.


Like asset managers, attorneys are often called upon to liquidate their clients’ whole or partial estates. They appreciate working with a firm that specializes in nontaxable property sales in Denver, as well as one which can effectively sell anything – including firearms, which can attract extremely unwanted attention from the ATF when they aren’t transferred legally. Our commitment to fully compliant asset liquidation represents real peace of mind for attorneys who can’t take any risks with their clients or their good reputations!

Are you selling or buying property in the greater Denver, CO area? Then we welcome you to contact Colorado Premier Realty & Auction Services today! Our expert team will make certain your transaction is convenient, lucrative to the greatest degree possible, and fully compliant with both state and federal law.